2012-02-09: Tech Environmental, Inc. Continues Acoustic Work for Maine DEP

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) and the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) have pre-qualified Tech Environmental, Inc. (TE) for on-call peer review noise consulting services regarding wind turbine and other industrial projects needing a permit under Maine DEP's Site Location of Development Law or LURC's Development IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches ­Review and Approval Law. The prequalification for contract work extends for four years.

TE presently provides on-call acoustic consulting services to Maine DEP regarding wind turbine projects under an existing Professional Services Contract, and that work involves peer-review of Site Location of Development applications, wind project modification applications, and post-construction monitoring for compliance with DEP's Regulations for the Control of Noise. To-date, TE has assisted Maine DEP on six wind turbine projects, dealing with issues of low-frequency and infrasound, acoustic model uncertainties and model validation, Short Duration Repetitive Sounds, post-construction sound compliance monitoring and compliance data analysis. Tech Environmental has provided acoustic ­consulting on 54 wind energy projects throughout the U.S., working for both developers and for host communities as an independent peer-review expert.

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