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    Odor Control
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    Environmental Study
    Engineering, Design & Startup
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    Southington, CT

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Pollution Control Facility


Odor Assessment


Tech Environmental completed an odor assessment of existing and future upgrade needs at a water pollution control facility in Southington, CT.

For years, sludge had been co-mingled and this practice added to elevated od­or from certain processes. In the last decade, the town expanded athletic fields to within a replica watches ­ hundred feet of the primary clarifiers. Over that time frame the facility had received some odor complaints. Recently, the facility began a project to separate sludge storage. It was clear that this was going to improve the odor situation, but was it enough?

Tech was tasked with evaluating the facility's odor potential after the upgrade. Normally, Tech would collect odor samples from a facility to determine odor potential, but given that the plant was undergoing upgrades that data would not represent the future conditions. Instead, Tech used historical data collected from multiple treatment plants with like processes. This data was considered more representative of future conditions. Tech was selected for this job because of our extensive experience and database of odor samples from many facilities.

Tech identified the greatest sources of odor that will not be mitigated by the upgrade and explained which sources are in greater need for mitigation if odor complaints persist. In addition, suggestions on future odor control processes were made for the sources of greatest concern.

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Key Points

  • Tech fit odor data from other plants together to best represent the odor potential for the future facility so additional upgrades could be considered.
  • Tech recommended additional odor control options to minimize nuisance potential.

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