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    Noise / Vibration
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    Environmental Study
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    Boston, MA

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Boston Harbor Seaplane Services


Sound Study


Tech Environmental performed a sound study for Cape Air for the proposed Boston Harbor Seaplane Service at Pier 4 in Boston. The purpose of this study was to assess potential sound impacts from seaplane operations.

A baseline sound monitoring program was performed to identify the existing sound character of the area during the times when Cape Air would be in operations. In addition, Tech took sound measurements of an idling and taxiing C208EX seaplane to be used in the acoustic model. Taking into account the acoustic reflectivity of the surrounding structures, acoustic modeling was performed using the CadnaA model to calculate the maximum sound level impact from taxiing operations in the Pier 4 dock area. Flight operations noise modeling was performed using the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Integrated Noise Model (INM) with inputs based on project design, expected seaplane transports, and flight operations.

The study revealed that sound from the proposed seaplane operations at Pier 4 will be minimal, and the expected seaplane operations are acoustically compatible with existing land use in the surrounding communities, including residential buildings along the harbor and the Boston Harborwalk.

An in-depth report was presented to the city of Boston and the project is currently awaiting approval.

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Key Points

  • A sound study was performed to assess potential sound impacts from a seaplane service in Boston Harbor.
  • Using acoustic modeling, Tech was able to reveal that sound from the proposed seaplane operations will be minimal. The project is currently awaiting approval from the city of Boston.

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