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    Noise / Vibration
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    Energy / Power
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Akron and Columbia, MI

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Acoustic and Shadow Flicker Study of Cross Winds Energy Park Phase 2


Sound and Flicker Impact Study of a Proposed Wind Energy Project.


Consumers Energy Company is developing Phase II of Cross Winds Energy Park in Michigan. Tech completed a Sound Level and Shadow Flicker Study for the application process. The goal of this study was to verify that Cross Winds Phases I and II will comply with the Township sound level limits and industry standards for flicker.

Future sound levels at occupied structures and lands within the Cross Winds project area were calculated under the assumption that all turbines and the substation are operating at design capacity.

The study concluded that the maximum projected sound levels generated by Cross Winds at occupied structures will comply with the local Township Zoning Ordinance.

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Key Points

  • Tech conducted a Sound and Flicker Impact study for a proposed wind farm that needed to prove compliance to the local Township.
  • Tech calculated future sound levels at nearby occupied structures and concluded that the sound levels generated by the wind farm will meet compliance.

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