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    Noise / Vibration
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    Energy / Power
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    Engineering, Design & Startup
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    Upper Midwest, United States

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Acoustic Study of Gas Compressor Sound Power Spectrum for Gas Compression Station


Sound Power Level Measurements of Gas Compression Equipment


Tech collected an array of sound pressure level measurements in May, 2015 along the vertical face of a 75-foot compressor stack using a manlift. The measurements covered multiple sections of the stack and the stack top exhaust from a CAT G3616 gas compressor engine. Measurements were converted to sound power levels, for both 1\1 and 1\3 octave bands, using ANSI Standard S12.56. Tech also measured the narrow- band spectrum of the compressor stack with 1-Hz resolution for the low-frequency range of 6 to 200 Hz. These data were supplied to the electric utility for use in engineering design for the plant.

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Key Points

  • Tech collected measurements of a compressor stack covering multiple sections of the stack and stack top exhaust.
  • Using the measurements collected, Tech converted them to sound power levels and supplied all data for future design use.

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