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    Noise / Vibration
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Stamford, CT

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Industrial Building - Stamford


Noise Wall Evaluation


Tech was asked to perform acoustic modeling for a proposed sound wall in an industrial area located near a residential development. Because of the closeness of the industrial building to the residential area, Tech determined that the constructed sound wall would have to accomplish two things. The wall needed to block the line-of-sight and rise above the sight-line of the 3-story buildings. This would ensure the sound is sufficiently diffracted and adequate attenuation would be provided. The effectiveness of the barrier would be judged on the achievement of a noticeable sound difference (5 dBA or more). Tech provided an analysis of numerous sound barriers, all at different heights, and the associated reduction in sound. They found that a decrease in 5 dBA or more was first achieved with a barrier of 18 feet or more. Tech's recommendation was to build a sound barrier wall that was 18-20 feet high to achieve the most noticeable sound reduction.

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Key Points

  • Tech performed acoustic modeling for a sound wall near a proposed industrial building, located near a residential area.
  • From the calculations performed, Tech concluded that a sound wall at 18-20 feet would result in a noticeable sound reduction for the residential homes.