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    Noise / Vibration
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    Engineering, Design & Startup
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    United States, United States

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Bottling Company Meeting Rooms


Interior Acoustic Evaluation


Tech was asked to perform an acoustic treatment evaluation for the meeting rooms as part of the new bottling company's sales center. The company was concerned about reverberation noise within the east and west meeting rooms during the training event, making it difficult for business to be conducted. The client asked that Tech prepare cost effective solutions for their problem. Tech's first step was to review the interior design plans, following that up with acoustic modeling of the training room to calculate sound and reverberation levels to determine the location of the sound system speakers. From there, Tech made recommendations of possible mitigation measures that could reduce the sound levels in the rooms.

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Key Points

  • A sales center was concerned about the ability to communicate effectively in their training rooms due to reverberation sound.
  • Tech performed acoustic modeling of the rooms, and made recommendations on how to mitigate/ reduce the sound levels in the rooms.