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    Air Quality
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Moretown, VT

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Moretown Landfill Sulfur Dioxide Minimization Program


Hydrogen Sulfide Removal to Prevent Conversion to SO2


As part of the effort to collect additional odor, an assessment was made to determine effects these modifications would have on the landfill-gas-to-energy systems and the utility flare. Sulfur dioxide is regulated under the Clean Air Act and also under a separate state requirement to protect the natural environment. Furthermore, the sulfur dioxide can also be odorous at higher concentrations.

Tech examined a number of options and settled on a temporary carbon adsorption system. Tech specified a two stage lead-lag system and procured carbon that would have a higher-than-usual capacity for hydrogen sulfide. This system is planned to be in place, at least until Cell 3 is fully covered, and the overall gas generation rate begins to wane.

As part of this study, Tech also explored a potential long-term solution, if one was necessary, for the proposed Cell 4 expansion. The recommendation was for a different technology long-term.

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Key Points

  • Tech identified a need for hydrogen sulfide reduction to reduce a byproduct of combustion
  • Tech was able to act quickly and provide a vendor and carbon supplier to address a potential increase in hydrogen sulfide after better landfill gas capture methods were implemented.