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    Air Quality
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Moretown, VT

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Moretown Landfill Odor Control


Odor Response Action Plan Development


The landfill did have an increase in odor. This was in part due to some landfill gas wells that were not functioning properly for a number of reasons, but the primary reason was that the landfill went to solar powered well pumps to go green and these pumps were not reliable.

It was not Tech's charge to fix the wells; the landfill staff had begun that process; it was Tech's charge to develop procedures to ensure that it did not happen again. It was Tech's responsibility to scan the landfill and to identify areas that could benefit from additional cover material or wellhead adjustments.

Tech developed an Odor Response Action Plan. This plan started with a neighborhood odor task force to let them know of the progress being made to repair the wells and to develop an understanding of the actual tolerance for odor. In addition to this task force, Tech developed policies and procedures to be added to the facilities operations to continually measure the landfill's odor baseline, so if it were to change, the facility could make modifications to keep the overall baseline at or near an acceptable level.

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Key Points

  • Tech employed proven tactics to measure and then continue to assess the facility's odor baseline.
  • With the Odor Response Action Plan the facility was able to continually monitor odor potential and stay ahead of any major concerns.