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    Air Quality
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    Environmental Study
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    Liberty, NY

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Foxwoods Catskills Resort


Air Quality and Noise Studies


Tech was asked to perform a full evaluation of air quality and noise for the proposed Foxwoods resort and casino. The entire resort would consist of approximately 662 acres and would be located primarily in the Town of Liberty, NY. The objective of the study was to establish existing air quality for the project area and to determine whether the operation of the resort would comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The stationary source emissions were not evaluated because future design options to minimize fossil fuel consumption were being considered . Therefore, only the mobile sources of the project were considered when performing the air quality assessment. Tech looked at the effects of CO emissions that would result from vehicles traveling to and from the site. The results showed that none of the roadway intersections would require a microscale analysis and the proposed resort would comply with New York regulations and would not adversely affect the regional air quality.

When performing the noise analysis portion of the study, Tech made three objectives when evaluating traffic noise: establish existing sound levels, predict maximum future sound levels, and compare future sound levels in the nearby residential areas to appropriate sound level guidelines. Tech performed a noise analysis of motor vehicle traffic associated with the Resort on a Sunday, during a peak travel hour. The existing sound levels were found to be below the Federal Highway Administration criterion. Tech performed a modeling, with the Traffic Noise Model (TNM), to predict future sound levels for a Build Case scenario. The results showed that the traffic would only increase sound levels by 2 to 4 dBA, meaning the result would hardly be noticeable. For stationary source noise modeling, Tech used an acoustic model to predict sound levels generated during nighttime hours. Again, Tech found that the noise generated would be below the allowable increase and therefore would comply with the local and state regulations. In conclusion, Tech found that the Resort would not adversely affect community sound levels.

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Key Points

  • Tech performed an air quality and noise analysis for the proposed Catskills Resort and Casino in Liberty, NY to determine if the increased operations would adversely affect the community air quality and sound.
  • Through modeling, Tech was able to determine that the Build case would not have an adverse effect on the community and would comply with local and state regulations.