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    Noise / Vibration
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    Energy / Power
  • Type:

    Permitting / Compliance
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  • Location:

    Mason County, MI

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Verification Sound Level Monitoring of Lake Winds Energy Park


Sound Monitoring of Wind Turbine Operation


Tech performed verification sound level monitoring at the Lake Winds Energy Park (LWEP) in October, 2014. Measurements were made at five residential locations, consistent with ANSI S12.9/ Part 3 with an acoustic engineer attending the monitoring equipment. All LWEP sound levels are at or below the 45 dBA sound limit for the property line of an unpooled, single parcel with an occupied structure and in compliance with the Mason County Zoning Ordinance.

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Key Points

  • Sound level monitoring of a wind park was performed to assess compliance with an applicable zoning ordinance
  • The measurements collected confirmed that the noise levels were in compliance with the 45 dBA sound limit.