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    Air Quality
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Moretown, VT

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Moretown Landfill Expansion Agreement


Vermont State and Federal Title V Air Permitting


The landfill currently has three, lined landfill cells and an original, unlined landfill cell. The landfill sits in an area between Route 2 and a large hill. There is a very large crevasse between the existing landfill and the hill, that if filled with waste, would fit perfectly into the natural landscape and provide significant landfill capacity for the State of Vermont.

Tech met with the ANR solid waste and air quality regulators to determine what specific issues needed to be addressed to demonstrate that potential air emissions would not cause a threat to health, safety or the environment. Tech incorporated those issues, along with previously collected landfill data, further anticipated fill rate, landfill gas generation predictions made, and estimated dispersion, into a state air permit application and a federal Title V air permit applications.

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Key Points

  • Tech negotiated air permitting needs with state regulators and completed state and federal air permit applications.
  • Tech determined that the landfill met both state and federal National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).