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    Odor Control
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    Environmental Study
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    Dover, NH

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RTU Exhaust Dispersion Modeling


Odor Study


Tech conducted a dispersion analysis looking at the current rooftop odor infiltration at two rooftop units (RTUs) of an office building. The building was experiencing an issue with kitchen odors and Tech determined that the odor was due to the close vicinity of the kitchen fans to the RTUs. Because four kitchen exhaust vents were particularly close to two RTUs, Tech performed a dispersion modeling analysis on that section of the rooftop. Based off of their findings, Tech suggested three different scenarios that would work effectively in eliminating downwash and avoiding enhanced air pollution. Each scenario involved re-configuring the stacks to enable large percentages of the odor to be captured. Tech listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type of re-configuration, and concluded that if any of the approaches were taken, the need for additional odor control would be minimal.

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Key Points

  • Due to a kitchen odor issue at a New Hampshire office building, Tech accessed the layout of the RTUs and the kitchen vents and performed dispersion modeling to correct the issue.
  • Tech concluded that the RTUs and the kitchen vents were too close together and they provided three different options that would eliminate the need for additional odor control.

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