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    Noise / Vibration
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    Environmental Study
    Permitting / Compliance
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    Devens, MA

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Bristol Meyer Squibb


Sound Study for Industrial Noise


Tech Environmental Inc. (Tech) was retained by the Devens Enterprise Commission to do a peer review of a sound study for the latest expansion of the Bristol Myer Squibb (BMS) facility in Devens, MA. The sound study focused on the potential for exceedances of the Industrial Performance Standards at the nearest industrial properties from exhaust fans, cooling towers, HVAC equipment and emergency generators.

Although BMS expansion would exceed the IPS noise limits at the nearest unoccupied industrial property line, Tech recommended to the DEC Board that, in the future the industrial property does become occupied, that BMS's noise mitigation strategy proposed should be implemented before there are potential nuisance complaints.

Based on Tech's peer review, the DEC approved the building permit for BMS.

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Key Points

  • Tech performed a peer review of a sound study for the proposed expansion of an industrial building that would exceed IPS noise limits at the nearest unoccupied property.
  • Tech recommended that BMS have a Noise Mitigation Strategy that will be implemented upon the nearby property becoming occupied. The building permit was approved under these terms.