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    Odor Control
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    Engineering, Design & Startup
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    Quincy, MA

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Oil, Greases & Tallows Processing Facility


Odor Control Plan


Tech prepared an odor control plan for the Twin Rivers Technologies (TRT) processing facility in Quincy, Massachusetts. The facility processes vegetable oils, animal greases, and tallows via deaeration, hydrolysis, evaporation, distillation, hydrogenation, fractionation and fractional crystallization. The complex processes, and varied raw materials, mandate substantial odor control systems at the facility. The odor control plan developed by Tech organized the processes that generate odor at the facility, described odor management practices and controls that are already in place, and outlined future odor mitigation strategies.

The facility is prone to many odors, both within and outside of the facility. Given this, TRT wanted to create a plan that empowered their employees to recognize and understand the different odor characters associated with their facility, and other nearby facilities, so that odor response time could be quick and efficient. Tech outlined steps in the abatement plan to assist TRT in effectively controlling odors. Odor response procedures were put in place to log odor complaints and to improve the ability to identify and then isolate odor sources. The onsite odor removal scrubbers, if properly maintained, would continue to remove odor effectively.

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Key Points

  • A complex oils, greases and tallows processing facility was in need of a formal odor abatement plan to organize their existing odor control efforts and set expectations for future odor control.
  • Tech created a site-specific plan that identified odor generating processes, odor management practices and controls, and planned future odor mitigation strategies.

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