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Coffee Manufacturing Locations


New Coffee Manufacturing Site Search


After developing environmental health and safety standards for Green Mountain Coffee’s North American coffee roasting and k-cup packaging facilities, it was easy to apply what was learned as part of a site search process to find ideal locations for new manufacturing facilities across the continental U.S. In addition to the environmental requirements, each potential location was evaluated based on company distribution needs, site accessibility, staffing opportunities, and other factors were necessary for property acquisition due diligence strategies. Tech staff, while working for Green Mountain Coffee, released project profile data to select economic development authorities and built lists of properties that met development scopes and provided economic incentives through a third-party process. The scoping process was followed-up with field visits, meetings with real estate developers, and pre-permit reviews with regulators to identify expedited approval pathways. A review matrix and site scorecards were used to rank site selection criteria and to distinguish to each candidate location. Using this technical and business incentives approach, a finalist list was presented to corporate leadership teams for their site level review and selection for acquisition or lease.

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Key Points

  • Through data analysis, the needs for the site of a new manufacturing facility were compiled.
  • Using scorecards to account for site selection criteria, Tech staff were able to deliver a final list of eligible sites to corporate leaders.