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    Odor Control
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    Environmental Study
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    Walpole, MA

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The Preserve Wastewater Storage Tank Odor Concern


Odor Reduction Study


Tech was contacted because there were concerns of the increasing odor levels in the Town of Walpole. The town believed that the odor was coming from a condominium complex in the town. Upon visiting the site and performing a site inspection, Tech learned that wastewater from the complex is stored in an underground wastewater containment tank and later pumped into the Town's sewer system. The facility has agreed to store its wastewater and pump it at night when other flows are low to help normalize the town's treatment demands. Tech identified the odor potential from the facility by taking liquid and vapor odorant measurements.

Once the potential was quantified, Tech questioned the town's assertions that the facility could be the sole cause the odor concerns identified. It was highly unlikely based on the data collected. Tech identified another wastewater odor source that could also contribute to, or be the cause of, the neighbors concerns. Tech recommended an odor suppressant to reduce any potential contribution from the condominium complex storage tanks.

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Key Points

  • Town residents believed that discharge from a condos wastewater was causing elevated levels of odor and thought it to be a nuisance.
  • Tech performed a site inspection, collected air and liquid measurements, identified other potential sources and recommended odor suppression additives.

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