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Air Quality at Hanscom Primary School


Indoor Air Quality Testing


At the Hanscom Primary School in Bedford, MA there was concern about water damage that had occurred in two of the rooms. Tech was asked to investigate the general indoor air quality because of the concerns regarding health and safety resulting from the water damage. Because of Tech's knowledge of general air quality investigations, the team was able to perform this investigation quickly and efficiently. Tech conducted a site visit at the primary school where staff thoroughly inspected the rooms for signs of mold growth and water damage. Water damaged materials had been removed from the classrooms as a mitigation measure prior to Tech's inspection and it was found that the remediation was successful. While onsite, Tech collected five airborne mold samples as well as continuously measuring the ambient air. Tech was able to confirm that mold growth did not appear to be occurring and that the remediation was successful. Although the general conclusion was the air quality was good, Tech recommended to continue to be proactive in responding to water intrusion.

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Key Points

  • A couple classrooms at Hanscom Primary School sustained water damage and concerns arose of the general indoor air quality that inside those classrooms.
  • Tech performed a general indoor air quality investigation to determine if the removal of the water damaged materials had acted as sufficient mitigation in the classrooms or if there was mold growth occurring.