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    Odor Control
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    Environmental Study
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    Natick, MA

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Odor Control Recommendations


Odor Study


Tech was asked to study and determine the odor potential from a pump station that was experiencing odor complaints. There was one particular neighbor of concern that had a swimming pool located directly across the street from the pump station. Tech took short-term and long-term odor data from the pump station and examined the existing odor control system. The existing system was functioning adequately, but was not sufficient for all odor control situations.

Tech determined that when the system airflow was increased to create enough ventilation for safe worker access, odor was not adequately captured. Tech evaluated a number of options to address the odor and determined the best option would be for the pump station to run a new odor control system all year along and keep the current system running only during the peak summer months. In addition to running a new system, Tech suggested modifications on the ductwork to improve odor capture.

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