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    Health / Safety / Compliance
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    Energy / Power
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Dennis, MA

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E1 Performance Standards for Lowe's Home Center


Energy and Emission Performance Standards


For a proposed Lowe's home center, Tech consulted on energy and emissions based off the Cape Cod Commission (CCC) requirements found in Performance Standards E1.2, E1.3, and E1.5. The consulting consisted of the execution of two tasks. The first task was to evaluate the E1.5 on-site renewable energy options for comparison with the cost associated in the building LEED certified. Upon completion of this task, Tech was able to provide four different options with advantages and disadvantages. The second task was to analyze for all CCC energy performance standards. To complete this task, Tech performed energy modeling to estimate future electricity and gas use for the store. Tech prepared the draft Statement of Energy Design Intent (SEDI) and wrote the narrative for Standard E1.3.

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Key Points

  • Tech consulted on the energy and emissions based off the Cape Cod's Commission requirements, for a Lowe's home center.
  • Tech evaluated on-site renewable energy options and prepared the draft for the SEDI and wrote the narrative for Standard E1.3.