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    Odor Control
    Noise / Vibration
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    Environmental Study
    Permitting / Compliance
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    Worcester, MA

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Odor and Acoustic Study of the CSX Transportation Facility


Odor and Noise Assessment


A proposed fuel loading station was to be located on an industrial road in Worcester, MA. The station would comprise of a single filling truck to perform all operations, making the actual fueling operation extremely intermittent. There was a concern that this proposed fueling station would have an adverse impact on the residences nearby. Tech was asked to perform an assessment to determine if the odors produced would potentially be a nuisance, and similarly if the noise produced would be a concern and also would comply with the MassDEP Noise Policy. Tech used odor emission data and potential exposure times to conclude that the facility would not be an odor nuisance. For the noise assessment, Tech collected daytime and nighttime ambient sound measurements from the closest residences and property lines. Using a 3D acoustic model, Tech calculated future sound levels from the proposed fueling station. Tech concluded that the proposed fueling station would comply with MassDEP noise policy, and therefore, would not a nuisance.

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Key Points

  • Odor and noise concerns arose from loadings of a proposed fueling station in Worcester, MA.
  • Tech was able to confirm via estimation, measurements, and modeling that the proponent's statements that the site did not pose any adverse odor or noise concern.

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