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Coffee Roasting Facility Emissions


Air Quality Mitigation Requirements


In response to a formal Notice of Violation at a Northwest U.S. coffee roasting facility, Mr. Jones provided air quality permitting expertise to corporate and site teams. He led a team of design engineers and legal experts to evaluate the nature of the violation, identified compliance thresholds and site challenges in meeting and proactively developed a retrofit solution. Following several rounds of emission control technology review and compliance feasibility, Mr. Jones joined the corporate negotiating team and held direct discussions with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to develop a roadmap of acceptable emission thresholds and effective control technologies. His compliance management role included coordination of all operating compliance data, site processing scenarios and review of historical permits to operate. Based on the current emissions footprint and best available control technologies, Mr. Jones and team negotiated a set of corrective actions and ongoing compliance measures to allow for future facility expansion.
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