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Green Mountain Coffee Multi-Site Operations


Developing Environmental Permit and Compliance Programs


Tech staff was tasked with developing permit compliance programs for Keurig Green Mountain's North American coffee roasting and k-cup packaging facilities. Based on state, local and federal regulations for each of seven sites, a universal permit record-keeping, monitoring, reporting and corrective action practices was developed for each facility. The overall compliance strategy assessed all permit threshold requirements, identified modifications to current permit strategies and developed a roadmap of potential growth hurdles. A key component was implementing industry best practices to build and maintain corporate preparedness to deal effectively with potential EPA inspections and developed a strategy for handling inspections, including designating personnel to work with inspectors. With this program, each facility or the company as a whole, would be best prepared to respond effectively to EPA, state, or local inspections.

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Key Points

  • Assessment of company wide practices revealed areas requiring compliance strategies.
  • Tech staff implemented universal permit record-keeping, monitoring, reporting and corrective actions practices.