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Aggregate Chelmsford Asphalt Plant


Air Plan Approval Preparation


Aggregate Industries Northeast Region, Inc. (Aggregate) owns and operates a hot mix asphalt (HMA) plant in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Tech Environmental prepared a non-major Comprehensive Plan Approval (nmCPA) application for the purposes of increasing the maximum hourly production rate and the installation of two additional storage silos and replacement of five horizontal fuel and liquid asphalt storage tanks with seven new vertical storage tanks. Aggregate also proposed to raise the maximum hourly production rate without modifying its monthly/annual production limits in the current air permit.

Tech prepared the nmCPA application, which included conducting a Best Available Control Technology (BACT) evaluation Tech also completed an air dispersion modeling analysis demonstrating that increase in hourly production would not an exceedance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Tech also conducted a noise impact analysis in response to concerns from MassDEP that the increase in nighttime activities during peak asphalt production could cause a noise nuisance for nearby residences. Tech demonstrated that nighttime activities would meet the MassDEP Noise Policy.

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Key Points

  • Tech was retained by Aggregate Industries to update its HMA plant's current air plan approval to increase maximum hourly production rate and install several upgrades to the facility.
  • Tech prepared an air plan approval application, including air quality and noise impact analyses and a BACT evaluation. Tech demonstrated toMassDEP that an increase in hourly production would not cause an adverse air quality or noise impact.

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