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Aggregate Industries Watertown


Asphalt Plant Dust & Noise Permitting Assistance


Aggregate Industries Northeast Region owns and operates an asphalt plant in Watertown, Massachusetts. Aggregate proposed to add recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) to the existing asphalt production process, and replace an existing dual-fuel burner with a ne­w low-noise gas burner. The use of RAP would not increase production; however its use would result in the installation of additional materials storage and handling equipment, and additional process exhaust flow to the baghouse, which is designed to control the emissions of particulate matter (PM) from the process. Aggregate also planned to upgrade the existing baghouse.

Tech Environmental assisted Aggregate with the air quality permitting process by attending public hearings, reviewing air permit applications, and developing air permitting strategy. Tech also completed a sound level impact analysis for the proposed modifications. The results of the sound study demonstrated that the project would not create a noise nuisance condition, would result in an inaudible change in noise at the nearest residences, and would fully comply with the most stringent sound level criteria set by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Noise Policy.

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Key Points

  • As asphalt plant was concerned about the air and noise permitting implications of adding RAP to their process, and installing a new low-noise gas burner.
  • Tech attended public hearings, reviewed permit applications and developed an air permitting strategy for the facility.

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