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    Air Quality
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    Environmental Study
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    Lowell, MA

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Hamilton Canal Redevelopment Project and Master Plan


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study


Located within three historic districts, the Hamilton Canal project is a transit-oriented, mixed-use development on a 13-acre site in Lowell, Massachusetts. The project includes 1.8 million s.f. for housing, commercial and retail space, restaurants and a theatre; it is designed to meet LEED-Neighborhood Development criteria.­

As part of the MEPA review for this development,panerai luminor marina replica­ Tech performed a GHG emissions study to satisfy the MEPA GHG Emissions Policy and Protocol. This work involved energy modeling for the project, development of a CO2 emission inventory for on-site fuel use, off-site electric generation and associated transportation to the site, and analysis of mitigation measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Energy modeling was done using the Tech Energy model, using data and algorithms from the US Department Of Energy and ASHRAE.

The code-compliant base case and initial project design would consume 18,715 MWhr/yr of electricity from the regional grid and 233 MMcf/yr of natural gas producing total CO2 emissions (direct and indirect sources) of 28,116 tons/year. The mitigation and final project design reduces energy use to 13,188 MWhr/yr from the grid and natural gas consumption to 163 MMcf/yr. Total CO2 emissions would be reduced 26% to 20,734 tons/year.

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Key Points

  • A transit-oriented, mixed-use project designed to meet LEED-Neighborhood Development criteria required a GHG emissions analysis.
  • Tech performed the GHG analysis, taking into account direct and indirect (traffic-related) emissions using the Tech Energy Model; mitigation measures will reduce the project's GHG impacts 26%.

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