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Fairfield Station Residential Development


Study of Existing Air Quality and Noise


A residential development project was proposed for a site in Stamford, Connecticut south of Interstate 95 near the Long Island Sound. The area surrounding the proposed project is a mixture of waterfront uses including residential, commercial and industrial. The proposed site shared a common boundary with a gravel processing facility. This gravel facility, like all gravel facilities can emit increased sound and dust at times.

Tech Environmental determined the existing air quality and noise levels at the proposed site. The air quality analysis included onsite dust measurements, which were compared to the current ambient air quality standards and the existing background data for the area. The air quality analysis demonstrated that the industrial facility next door did not create dust offsite in exceedance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The noise analysis included onsite testing of existing sound levels throughout the parcel, in addition to an analysis of expected levels in the interior of the buildings. These values were compared to guidelines for recommended sound levels and determined that the interior of the buildings would be acceptable for habitation as designed.

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Key Points

  • A residential development was concerned about potential noise and dust from an inductrial neighbor.
  • Tech provided air quality and noise impact data to assist with the development of a residential complex near a gravel processing facility.

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