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    Odor Control
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    Permitting / Compliance
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    Augusta, ME

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Maine Division of Solid Waste Management


Odor Training for Regulators


Tech Environmental developed and presented a two-day course on odor science and response to regulators with the Maine DEP. The first day focused on an in-depth exploration of odor, which is not a thing unto itself, but a complex, Jaeger LeCoultre Replica Watches ­individualized human reaction to sensing an odorous compound in the air. Various methods for quantifying odor were detailed, and Tech experts led a classroom discussion about monitoring odor and pinpointing odor sources. Tech also provided individual odor screening for all attendees.

The second day of the co­urse took place at two offsite locations - solid waste facilities under the jurisdiction of Maine DEP. Tech presented attendees with bagged samples of standard odorants prepared in advance, and advised attendees on how to judge the character of each sample and how to utilize jar methods to determine odor intensity. This knowledge was then applied in the field at the facilities, using both the jar methods and the most valuable and precise odorant detector known to man - the human nose!

This odor training session gave Maine regulators the ability to differentiate between the various odors they will encounter in the field, which will enable them to react quickly and effectively.

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Key Points

  • The Maine DEP sought to train its regulators in the nuances of odor science, recognition, and response.
  • Tech experts provided Maine regulators with in-depth knowledge based on classroom instruction, group discussion, and field training.

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